Mission Statement

Foundation For Future Science is committed to up-building the individual and the community. The Foundation has therefore embarked on projects to promote the funding of grants in emerging countries, beginning with Brazil and South Africa, providing promising individuals and groups the means to excel in these important fields of study.

Whether it is in music or the arts, or simply supporting gifted scholars in the fields of science and education, we seek to help those who understand the importance of bringing a social and   cultural awareness primarily to developing countries.

The Foundation also aims to systematically encourage new methodologies to stop the destruction of non-renewable resources and to help develop vital ways and means to preserve the environment.

We believe that science can have a humanistic awareness which can help solve our major problems such as hunger, water pollution, lack of sanitation and lack of education and all the United Nations Millennial Development Goals (MDGs).

The Foundation supports a wide variety of charitable activities, including education, arts and culture, human services, scientific advancements, and environmental programs.